My current holdings

Whether in the media, during interviews or online, I'm always asked for my views on local equities. To avoid any possible conflicts, I've posted below an updated list of all my holdings. The list includes the holdings of my wife, sister and her two kids, because I have legal control over those accounts.

It is very important to note that I am in no way suggesting these stocks for an investor and no investment advice can be construed from this list.

  • Till death do us part portfolio

    • ADvTech, BHP Billiton, Crookes Brothers*, Shoprite & Stor-Age.

      * I own this because my nephew wanted a ‘farming’ stock for his birthday.

  • Second-tier portfolio;

    • Mr Price, Anglogold Ashanti, Sibanye-Stillwater, Purple Group, Renergen, Combined Motor Holdings, TFG & Calgro M3.

  • ETF Portfolio (both discretionary and tax-free) and for myself, my wife, my sister and her two kids.;

  • I may also at any time have long or short geared or un-geared positions in; ALSI futures or other international indices.